Why data is everywhere?

In the last years, industries and households have become data-driven. The unlimited access to our devices allows us to be exposed to a massive amount of Information that is challenging to manage or that people and companies hardly can manage. It becomes impossible to ignore the hard data when it surrounds every aspect of our life. 

According to KDNuggets data is widely considered to be among the world’s most valuable resource because of how much potential revenue and business value it can provide.  This is not only about the data many of us share with Multinational companies and governments in order to use ‘free’ services. Depending on the product chosen, data can improve our life and not be the reality created by the companies and governments.

When data only means information, we use this information to make the best decision; but the real challenge comes to identify when the data is real, or it’s just Used for marketing purposes to influence your decision.  We all have blind trust; we assume that any industry or government is telling us the truth. Could we be more naïve? 

We should be precautious and consider that behind every data presented is a goal which not only is to inform you. How could we be so sure that any data printed in the tag is real, and not only a way to push us to buy their products or results? How do we know it is not a random number? How to be sure? How to recognize that they are using real and validated data

 It is very possible that they could shape the data on the basis of their interest, they could construe the information partially addressed. We have seen it before: the sugar and tobacco industry concealment.

Do not let this happen once again! “Good data provides indisputable evidence” [1], but the process of generate the data is as important as the results. It can be hard to realize just how much data businesses access on a daily basis and how much more they have stored, but be part of a public and transparent process allows us to ensure real information, it is a vital enabler to reach many objectives and measure how well something is performing, furthermore, let us to create a commitment with our society and community. 

[1] https://www.c-q-l.org/resources/guides/12-reasons-why-data-is-important/


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