Deca will be managed by a Foundation

We are pleased to inform you of the next steps for the future of DECA, a decentralized economy based on carbon credits. The development team and investors have made the following decisions.

DECA will be managed by the Decentralized Climate Foundation.

The goal of the Decentralized Climate Foundation is to increase the participation of individuals in climate change actions. According to the DECA team, the best instrument is the voluntary carbon market, which is until now controlled by corporations and governments. The DECA team wants to allow individuals to participate in the voluntary carbon market and get a reward for it, the DECA token. By doing this, the Decentralized Climate Foundation oversees the creation of a decentralized person-to-person carbon credit market, which will be converted in future into a decentralized climate fund.

The Decentralized Climate Foundation will supervise the management of the DECA smart contract, so the activity will remain public all the time. It will provide liquidity to the decentralized exchange Uniswap. DECA tokens now are available to interact with other Ethereum-based technologies.

Thanks for your patience and support over these years.

The DECA Team

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